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Tablets for breakfast here @touchfood

Parsons green lane. Waiting for burgers.

#caprese but we forgot the basil 😑

I think this place used to be a squat. When I walked past, there were always chavvy English blokes drinking beer and being yelled at by their savage women friends. Fighting and falling over on the stairs they would get progressively more pissed and eventually stumble into the warm arms of a discarded mattress.
At least, that’s the impression I always got… (at seven sisters road)

Across the #Thames from up high.

Aaaaamazing sticky #toffee pudding @thebelgianarms in maidenhead. #melting #awesome

#foundface in the maidenhead #orchard. Thanks @touchfood! @cheekytenzo @_andrebulga_

Beef short rib (amazing and melt in your mouth) on smoky purple potatoes (a bit strange) @ch0tt0matte @cheekytenzo

Black cod with #miso @ch0tt0matte - really tasty, but a little heavy on the citrus @cheekytenzo agrees